The country’s leading close-up magician, bringing magic and mentalism to awed audiences.




You were spellbinding. I can’t thank you enough for being here.


Paul Newman

Prakash Puru is amazing.


Neil Gaiman

New York’s most skilled and original trickster.


Time Out New York

An out-of-the-park performance to a standing-room-only crowd. You were fantastic. Everyone’s talking about you!



He can read your mind like a real-life Professor X.



He’s a witch and he should be burnt at the stake.


Goose Gossage

clients include:

We are known for having a savvy and sophisticated audience, and you absolutely delighted them! See you again next year!


Formula-1 Grand Prix

Thank you for making my guests so happy!


Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Still reading? No worries.


Two things worth knowing about me: First, I don’t advertise. All my bookings come from reviews, referrals, and repeat clients.

Second: There are very few videos of me. This is deliberate – what I do should be experienced, not watched.


(If you insist: Here’s an unusual thing I created for Prudential, a few years ago.)


So: No advertising and (almost) no videos. What DO I do?


Well, put simply, people hire me to make their events better.

Often, that means close-up magic and ‘mentalism’ at a cocktail party. Other times, it’s mindreading for hundreds of guests at a corporate gala or a benefit.

I want you at all of our games!


Woody Johnson



Your best bet would be to stop reading this, and contact me directly to check my availability for your event.


(I’ll get back to you within 24 hours, even if I’m in-between airports.)

To say that people were blown away would not be an exaggeration. We can’t thank you enough!


Cabinet Magazine

Along the way I’ve also engineered secret pop-up shows for Social Media Week; created immersive magical experiences for a craft brewery and designed magic-and-cocktail-pairings for a speakeasy; customized content for multiple product launches; taught 3-Card Monte for a Pulitzer Prize-winning play; performed at The Super Bowl; and been the mystery-guest at thousands of private events across six continents. (Antarctica’s hard to get to.)

The world is more interesting with you in it.


Science House

You are a scary man.


The Blackstone Group

Okay, you’re freaking me out!


Michael J. Fox

Your performance was wondrous. Thank you so much!


Jonathan Safran Foer

Jesus Christ! F**k me, that’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!


Professor Richard Dawkins

Now give me back my watch!


Joe Torre

You were incredible!


Natalie Portman

© 2017 Prakash Puru. All Rights Reserved.

So: What will I do at YOUR event?


Well, that depends on you – your event, your needs. So contact me, and we’ll talk.





P.S.: I have a monthly show in New York City, at The PUBLIC Hotel. It’s a helluva night out. If you’d like to come, email me.